Our program and classes

Two students sitting at the same table practice writing with pencils.

Our program is designed as an open play environment whereby children learn and develop as a result of carefully selected activities and materials, including field trips. Our main goal is to have children develop an adequate self-concept in a school setting. We feel that what children are able to learn depends largely on their feelings about themselves.

The YCP has two classes; the “3’s Class” is for children who have turned three years old by December 1st, while the “4’s Class” is for children who have turned four years old by December 1st.

The three year old preschool class has a total of no more than 16 children. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm for a 34 week term.

The four year old preschool class has a total of no more than 20 children. They meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 12pm for a 34 week term.

Our Montessori environment

Inside the classroom children will:


YCP offers a Montessori-based curriculum which offers your child the opportunity to learn and grow at his/her own pace in an environment meant just for children — a “prepared environment.” Your child will be offered many opportunities to learn using materials designed to teach specific concepts in the areas of practical life, sensory, math, language, culture, geography, science, and art.


We love YCP! The cooperative model fosters a sense of community and we enjoyed being a part of the school. Ms. Mieke is warm and caring; she demonstrates great pa2ence and takes the time to know each child individually. Our daughter always looked forward to going to class and her unique needs were consistently met. The Montessori curriculum allows each child to work at their own level and pace. The school atmosphere is bright and cheerful. We recommend YCP to any family looking for a school they can really be involved in!

The Burpee Family

The Montessori format of the class really drew us to the school. It gives kids a chance to be themselves and explore, while introducing them to structure and the classroom environment. The cooperative element was also really important to us. I loved being involved in the classroom, watching them learn, grow and play, seeing them make their first friends. Having the opportunity to take the first few steps of your child’s educational journey with them is a beautiful thing. We have made and are still making many cherished memories at YCP.

Dannielle Murphy